Manage your bookmarks, notes, tasks, appointments, contacts and files.


After the log in you can see your next tasks, appointments and birthdays of your friends. In addition, you can store on this site your most important contacts and bookmarks for quick access. This site is the starting point for the tools.


Take and write your important notes and thoughts in the editor before forgetting them. You can add as many notes as you want.


Manage your tasks easily by using the to-do list. You can create different task lists with recognizable colors, which helps you to keep your tasks organized. Furthermore you can assign a status, a priority and a date to each task. The task list can easily filtered by list, status and priority. You can switch between two different layouts (table, list) for the ToDo-List. The list view allows you to order your tasks individually by dragging and dropping them. By using this effective to-do list you will never forget your homework and you can track what you have to do.


Don't forget anything with the calendar. Thanks to the easy assignment management, you have a clear and structured overview of your current schedule. You can arrange the appointments into your own categories and set up recurring appointments (weekly, monthly, yearly). The birthdays from your addressbook are displayed as well in the calendar. An innovative navigation allows you to reach every date with just two clicks. The calendar is displayed in the month view. Thanks to the event reminders, forgotten dates are a thing of the past.


In the address book you can store and edit your contacts. You can specify over 19 information in a contact card including the following: name, type, contact information such as phone number, email address adnd address, birth date and business information. Furthermore, there are eight free text fields and you can sort your contacts in groups like familie, friends or work. You can also call an mail your contacts directly with the WebApp. Further you can search and filter your contact list.


You can upload documents, images and files to the file manager. Once they are uploaded, you have access to them at any time. Imagine you will never need USB sticks again. Furthermore you can offer files for your friends to download and organize your files in folders. The public shared folder can be protect by a password.


Bookmarking your most important websites will ensure, that you can easly and fast open them.


Send emails directly without logging into your email account.

Import and ExportImport and Export

SlimOrganizer offers you to export your contacts and appointments (CSV file download). Furthermore you can import your contacts with a CSV file.

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